MightyBee 5 frame Nucleus Colony - Sold out for the 2017 Season

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Please visit our MightyBee nucs page to learn about our nucs and pick ups before you order.  We are professional Beekeepers selling professional grade nucs for over 2 decades.  If you want bees that consistently out perform all other stocks for winter-ablility, production, pest resistance, gentleness and production we have the nucs you need. These nucs come the Jester EZ nuc box and are not returnable.  They are durable and great for swarm catching, building summer nucs and transporting bees.  Like all our products our nucs carry a 100% money back guarantee.  Questions? - Joel@natureswayfarm.com  Nucs are for pickup at locations and dates listed on our nucs page,  We know our order page says free shipping but that is because there is no shipping. Due to the danger of heat collapse with nucs not under beekeeper care we do not ship nucleus colonies of bees.