I grew up walking wildflower meadows with my Grandmother Polly Brimmer in the pristine Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.  Her deep connection to the earth and abundant knowledge of wild plants and edibles were instilled throughout my childhood.  From this love of Nature's grew our honeybee farm.  My Son Brian represents the third generation of beekeeping in our family and we spend our days in the beauty of nature doing our best to preserve and provide the best honey, the finest skin care products and the best bees and unique beekeeper products anywhere.  Our Honey and Bee Healthy skin care products are sold in 16 New York City Greenmarkets, on our website and at our farm in the Finger Lakes.  Over the years our many thousands of loyal NYC customers have become our dear friends and supporters and beekeepers drive a thousand miles to buy our exceptional breed of bee stock. Our responsibility to our customers and to our stewardship of the earth are at the roots of our business and we bask in the hard work it takes to do what do right.  Thank you so much for visiting our online store and website, we hope you'll like us on visit one of our markets, browse our website, like us on  facebook and please stop by the farm during the season to see what we do, honeybees are nothing short of a natural miracle every single day!