Frugal Bee 4 Frame Nuc - 2022 SOLD OUT FOR 2022

Free Shipping!

We have used our 4 frame nucs as starter colonies in our operation for over 20 years!  Each nuc comes in our custom designed/built-screened bottom wooden nuc box for easy transport.   No keep the box. With proper management these nucs will be a complete 10 frame hive in about 30 days.  Many of our customers produce over 100 lb. average with these nucs in the first year.  Please note despite the free shipping tag all nucs are for pick up only Finger Lakes Beekeeping Supply #3 Rte 224 Van Etten, NY 14889 Location on Saturday May 7,2022.   Due to the volume of nucs we deliver we are unable to arrange individual pick ups.  Our beekeepers ordering nucs will be scheduled for a specific pick up time based on orders as 1st ordered, 1st delivered (this is an hour on the pick up date when we can best accommodate your pick up considering ordering date and travel distance to our store).   Our Nuc and Package pick up days are managed using proven social distancing protocols. Please be aware nucs held past the pick up date will incur a $35 fee to cover mgt. and extra transportation from our outyards to our store for pick up.