Mighty Bee 5 Frame Nuc 2022 SOLD OUT FOR 2022

Free Shipping!

This is our 5 Frame Nucleus colony for Beekeepers who like to get a jump on the season.  With good weather and proper management this will be a 10 Frame hive in approximately 3 - 4 weeks. These customers often report making splits in Mid June and  producing fall honey crops from these units in the first year.  They will come in the quintessential weather resilient MDA nuc box which features excellent ventilation, Frame rests to keep frames secure and an easy opening feature.  Please note despite the free shipping tag all nucs are for pick up only at our #3 Rte 224 Van Etten, NY 14889 Location on Saturday May 7, 2022.   Due to the volume of nucs we deliver we are unable to arrange individual pick ups.  Our beekeepers ordering nucs will be scheduled for a specific pick up time based on orders as 1st come, 1st delivered (this is an hour on the pick up date when we can best accommodate your pick up). Any nucs held past the pick up date will incur a $35 fee to cover mgt. and extra care and transportation from our out-yards to our processing facility/store.