MightyBee Brood Builder Patties - 2 lb.


25 years of beekeeping and working on the perfect feed supplement formula paid off for us in 2013 when we finally got it right.  We sell the only bee supplement we know of that bees will continue eating during a nectar flow and our bees swarm our feed within seconds of application.  We were astonished at what a difference a few well researched ingredients made in our spring build-up patties.  Our Brood builder supplement will supersize your hives for spring production.  Many beekeepers who have used our product tells us they not only harvested their 1st spring crop of honey but also had to split their monster hives getting an extra hive in the deal.  We recommend feeding our brood supplement in the northern half of the US starting the last week of February and in Mid January in the South.  Don't let your hives starve when early spring brood production is straining stores, build boomers with MightyBee Brood Builder patties.
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