Mightybee 4 frame Nucleus colony - 2019

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Please visit our MightyBee nucs page to learn about our nucs and pick ups before you order.  We are professional Beekeepers selling professional grade nucs for over 2 decades.  If you haven't tried our bees we invite you to find out what great honeybee stock is all about. Our bees are not "fresh" from Almond Pollination and thrown into those infamous cardboard boxes loaded with stress, headed by last years queens and loaded with mites and pesticides.  Our bees are rested, happy and healthy and our sole spring production is making the best nucs for you (and us) drawing on 27 years of experience, obtaining the best queens stocks available for our breeding and dedication to your beekeeping success.  We have our well ventilated screened bottom wooden nuc boxes custom made for the least stressful, most healthful bee atmosphere.  Great beekeeping starts here. We start our own honey production hives from these same nucs and produce over 30K lbs. of honey annually. The price includes the price of the wooden screened bottom nuc box so there is no deposit required.   Like all our products our nucs carry a 100% money back guarantee by returning the nuc to us within 7 days for replacement or refund.  Questions? - Joel@natureswayfarm.com  Nucs are for pickup at locations and dates listed on our nucs page,  We know our order page says free shipping but that is because there is no shipping. Due to the danger of heat collapse with nucs not under beekeeper care we do not ship nucleus colonies of bees.